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A memorable bush dining experience to top off our guests’ stay at Ruckomechi Camp is always a date with Chef Bob Dzawanda, aka Uncle Bob…

He will lay out his famous green carpet for sundowners which include delicious eats prepared on an open fire and of course, a well-stocked bar. Raising a glass of champagne to celebrate your memorable stay as the sun sinks over the Zambian escarpment is a moment Uncle Bob has become especially famous for.


A serene Zambezi River cruise either by canoe or boat precedes your arrival at Bob’s well-laid out spot – he sets out his guests’ chairs to face the hills across the river for everyone to sit and eat and drink while catching the very last moments of the African sun setting in the Zambezi Valley.

In the meantime Uncle Bob is all action, mingling with his guests and handing out tasty treats from the two large bowls in his arms – his specialities being spicy popcorn and mouth-watering chicken wings. The atmosphere around the green carpet is always upbeat thanks to Uncle Bob as he cracks jokes and continues to pop champagne or pour wine, creating amazing memories and dreams of future safaris in Africa.



Not only does Bob look after these riverside sundowners but he also prepares brunches and pancake stops in the bush for another amazing wow experience, springing it on our guests when they least expect it. There you are, driving along in the bush when, seemingly out of nowhere and so very well prepared, is Uncle Bob in his bush kitchen!



Romantic dinners at Ruckomechi’s famous Parachute Pan sleep-out platform are another Uncle Bob speciality, your meal cooked to perfection, creating lasting memories of the wild Mana Pools bush.

Ruckomechi is famous for its outside catering thanks to Uncle Bob’ charm and culinary skills and a bush dining experience in the care of this ebullient African chef is forever embedded in the hearts and minds of our guests.

Want to stay in Mana Pools and enjoy a delicious meal cooked by Uncle Bob? We can set it up. Contact us.

Written by Eddie Mudzimu, Camp Manager at Ruckomechi Camp, Mana Pools National Park. This article has been reposted in partnership with Wilderness Safaris.