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Alluring Africa

Memorandum of Understanding

At Alluring Africa (AA), we’re passionate about helping others discover Africa through personalized, world-class experiences. Please help us to ensure we continue to offer the highest level of service by reviewing the following information and uploading your company details. We will use your responses to evaluate you for our approved vendor list, which we hope you will be joining soon. 

Supplier Approval Checklist

Insurance Information

As an AA supplier, your professional liability insurance coverage must meet the following requirements:

Is your errors and omissions coverage at least $1M or equivalent, per occurrence?

Does your coverage include jurisdiction in the United States?

Policy Start Date:

Policy End Date:

Do you require these same minimum coverages of your sub-contractors?

Please provide us with a copy of your current insurance policy.

Net Pricing

AA must receive a Standard Tour Operator (STO) rate of 30% less than the published pricing or fair market value. This rate is necessary to offset overhead including credit card fees, printing, local marketing and promotion and relationship development to enable us to generate more business for our partners and make a modest profit.

Payment Terms

  1. AA will remit payment 30 days prior to the client’s departure. Exceptions can be made if discussed and agreed upon prior to AA sending a proposal to the client.
  2. You may invoice us for the deposit, but please make it due with final payment.
  3. Your bank details and forms of payment accepted (wire, credit card type and related fees, etc.)

Additional Information

Then, we’d like to get to know a little more about you. Please provide us with the following:

Your training procedures and staff information, including:

  • Detailed training procedures for all guides, drivers, operations and reservations staff
  • Biography of guides including their training, number of years in the business, and specialties

Upload Training Procedures & Staff Details.

Do you have a 24-hour emergency phone number and email?

Emergency Phone Number:

Emergency Email:

Will the consultant dedicated to our account be available until at least 12pm EST?

Supplier Expectations

At Alluring Africa (AA), we’re committed to fulfilling our clients’ requests and answering their questions within a timely manner. To help us uphold our commitment to our clients, we need timely and efficient results from our suppliers’ reservations and operations team(s). You, our valued supplier, can help us by ensuring the following:

  1. Timely Communication. When AA emails a new lead request to the supplier, the supplier should:
    • Immediately acknowledge receipt of email.
    • Provide status of request (provisional, waiting for confirmation of status or waitlisted) by 8 a.m. EST the next business day.
    • Send a quote to AA by 11 a.m. EST the next business day. If requested services are not available, provide a quote for a comparable alternative.
  2. Comprehensive Quote Information. When the supplier emails a quote to AA, it should include:
    • Itemized quote specifying currency type
    • Status of quote (provisional, waiting for confirmation of status or waitlisted)
    • Specials that are relevant to the request
    • Payment procedure and cancellation policy
    • Provisional deadline to book
  3. Expiration Notification. Before a provisional booking expires, please notify AA.
  4. Confirmation. When AA notifies supplier that a deposit has been received, supplier should confirm the booking by sending AA a confirmation of services and an invoice.
  5. Final Documents.
    • Contact details including:
      • Local office phone, email, and names of consultant(s) who are available until 12 p.m. EST
      • Local 24/7 emergency phone, email, and names of consultant(s).
      • Touring and transfer representatives’ names, phone numbers, emails, and emergency phone and email contact details.
      • All accommodations address and phone number
      • Airline contact details
    • Confirmed detailed day-by-day itinerary including the following:
      • Transfer and tour details:
        • Company name
        • Pick-up times
      • Specific directions for clients.
        • (Ex. Upon arrival to connect with meet & greet person)
      • Vouchers, if applicable.
  6. While Clients Are Traveling, the supplier should:
    • Provide AA with client updates from hotel/camp management and/or guides.
    • Immediately inform AA of any problems/complaints (i.e. missed transfers)
  7. Upon Client’s Departure:The supplier will send a detailed feedback report within 7 days of completed travel. (This can include guest survey results, management notes, guide reports, etc.)

Branding & Client Experience

Co-Branding & Logo Use

The AA logo must be used in conjunction with supplier’s logo and should be displayed prominently on all materials shown to AA clients including:

  • Sign boards
  • Vouchers
  • Staff shirts
  • Vehicle decals
  • Hats for guides/drivers

Client Gifts

We want our clients to feel set apart from the rest and go above and beyond to make our clients feel special. We would love your assistance in creating a gift list from which we can add a special touch to each booking. Gifts should be thoughtful, unique to the area and within our specified price range. Please put us in touch with the appropriate contact at your company who can help us develop this along with the co-branding items above.




If there is anything else you feel we should be aware of prior to your review, please let us know by uploading a description here:   

Confidentiality & Non-Solicitation Agreement

For the protection of our clients and our brand, you may not collect or distribute Alluring Africa clients’ personal contact information, such as email and phone number. You may not contact AA clients directly with marketing communications. If you would like opportunities to market to AA’s client base, please contact Alluring Africa Marketing at 321-622-9374 or email We love partnering with our suppliers for marketing initiatives including events, guest blogging, e-newsletters, and more!

Supplier Agreement

We (supplier) agree to adhere to the items specified under the Supplier Approval Checklist and continue to maintain these minimum requirements for as long as we work with Alluring Africa (AA). We agree to ensure our reservations and operations team(s) meets the Alluring Africa Supplier Expectations as specified above. We agree to ensure the Branding & Client Experience requirements are actioned by the time AA’s next client travels with us and agree to adhere to the Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreement. Failure to uphold this agreement could result in loss of business from AA.

Company Name:

Supplier Representative:



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