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Images and post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris.

After an early morning rise, a delicious continental breakfast set up by the ever attentive Linkwasha staff and numerous cups of coffee to keep the brisk morning chill at bay we set off with our amazing guide Buli.

I was hosting a group on a site visit of Davison’s and Little Makalolo Camps. Along the road Buli spotted some lion tracks from the previous night. He had mentioned there had been some big cat activity in the area and we should keep a sharp look out as he expected the lions to be near. After tracking and circling for some time with no luck, it was decided we should head on to Plan A and visit Davison’s and have a look again later for the elusive felines. Another vehicle had come to help track and we left them following up on the impressive paw prints zig-zagging the roads.

We had entered a long stretch of thick bush and it was impossible to see anything in the tall grass as we made our way along the road. Suddenly, as we took a bend, in front of us were two large lionesses walking towards us. Buli brought the vehicle to a comfortable stop some 60 feet away. Our group was still reaching for their cameras when Buli with his expertly trained eyes whispered at us to look beneath the first female.

I will let the pictures and the video tell the rest of the story…

lion cubs

The group counted a total of 10 lion cubs from the Ngamo Pride who are fathered by Xanda, one of Cecil’s surviving sons.

Written, Photographed and Filmed by Graham Simmonds, Zambezi Travel Shop Manager. This article has been reposted in partnership with Wilderness Safaris. See the original here.