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9 Things You Simply Must Do In Morocco

Whether you’re a foodie, architecture aficionado or you love the romance and mystery of the Sahara and meandering around medinas, you’re bound to fall in love with Morocco.

9 Things You Simply Must Do In Morocco2019-06-29T19:43:52-04:00

9 Unusual & Unique Places To Stay In Africa

Experienced travelers are requesting unique experiences in unusual accommodations. So, we've compiled a list of the most unique places to stay in Africa

9 Unusual & Unique Places To Stay In Africa2019-07-03T21:01:57-04:00

Kenya Travel Guide for Families

If you’re planning a family safari (and especially if your party includes some first-timers) then there is no finer destination than Kenya – the country where safari began, and the stage for some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife moments. Here’s our Kenya travel guide for families.

Kenya Travel Guide for Families2019-07-01T01:59:10-04:00

Properties Perfect for Multi-Generational Family Safaris

An African holiday involving three (or sometimes even more) generations of the family is a wonderful way to bring everyone together, far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. We’ve collected together our favorite properties perfect for multi-generational family safaris!

Properties Perfect for Multi-Generational Family Safaris2019-09-30T11:23:27-04:00

Malaria-Free Safari Destinations in Africa

Malaria is often a source of pre-safari worries especially if you're traveling with young children. Choose from one of our favorite malaria-free safari destinations in Africa for complete peace of mind -- here's our selection of the best of them:

Malaria-Free Safari Destinations in Africa2019-07-04T03:27:21-04:00

How To Pack For Kids On Safari

The Ultimate Winter Packing List... No matter how many times you have travelled to Africa on safari, seeing it through the eyes of children is [...]

How To Pack For Kids On Safari2019-06-18T15:39:37-04:00

A Beginner’s Guide To Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a place where the sun stays up longer and the grass stretches for endless miles. Here is your complete guide to Zimbabwe.

A Beginner’s Guide To Zimbabwe2019-06-18T15:48:25-04:00

5 Different Types of African Safaris

When you think of an African safari, a 4x4 vehicle roaring through the bush probably comes to mind, but there are other types of African safaris.

5 Different Types of African Safaris2019-06-18T15:48:25-04:00

An Inspired Southern Africa Tour

Southern Africa is a diverse and beautiful region, with incredible landscapes, stunning wildlife and fascinating cultures. Join us on a tour of some of [...]

An Inspired Southern Africa Tour2019-06-18T15:48:26-04:00