Why Social Travel Planning Is The Key To Success

Some people enjoy cocktails or watch sports socially, but Jo Ann Baird plans travel socially. She's planned dozens of trips all over the world where friends, new and old, can meet and share adventures that create lifetime memories. As a [...]

Can You Break Down The Cost Of My Trip To Africa?

This is a tough one to explain, because in America, the “build-your-own” concept is commonly offered when it comes to customized products or services. We see it on menus at restaurants -- create-your-own sandwich, pizza, burrito bowl -- or select [...]

What You’re Missing When You Book Last Minute

In today’s fast-paced culture, planning far in advance isn’t common. I mean, speaking as part of the Millennial generation, I can barely handle all the information being thrown at me in the moment, let alone decide where I’m going to [...]