First Rains of the Green Season at Hwange National Park

Marian and Mike Myers from Wilderness Safaris capture the first rains of green season at Hwange National Park - soggy baboons and all! At 3:00am in the dark stillness of a heavy summer night, a slight breeze lightly touched [...]

The Beauty of the Busanga Plains

It has been a year since I visited the Busanga Plains in Zambia and whilst the area is moderately drier than last year, the abundance and diversity of bird and mammal life seem to have increased since my last [...]

The Luxury of Going Back to Nature in Namibia

Ultimate Safaris' Marketing Director Birgit Bekker recently spent four nights at the //Huab Under Canvas in Damaraland, Namibia. Here is her amazing report from those five soul-enriching days, connecting with nature in Namibia! I couldn’t wait to finally see [...]

Phenomenal Sequence of a Cheetah Taking Down a Springbok

Starting with the most amazing scenic flight over the rock desert to Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, you can’t help yourself but take dozens of pictures of the intricately patterned landscapes below. We arrived at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp and went [...]

Photograph African Animals Like A Pro In These Awesome Hides

"Take nothing but photographs; leave nothing but footprints." This advice is especially appropriate in Africa, where you can stay in eco-sensitive lodges in spectacular locations, and encounter wildlife in pristine natural habitats. Experienced bush guides always advise photographers to enjoy [...]

Namibian Explorations: A Taste of What’s To Come

Images and post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris. Earlier last month we began our first Namibia Exploration to test out the Explorations itinerary for the 2016 season. This included a team of three Explorations guides, Franco, Valentinus and Jeremia, and [...]