Africa’s Travel Trends for 2017

We know that the way that people travel is constantly changing; we see this in the places that we choose to travel to where a destination that was once ‘off the tourist map’ is now a hot and happening [...]

7 Reasons Namibia Should Be On Your Bucket List

Namibia is a vast country in south-western Africa that only achieved full independence in 1990. Rich in mineral resources (especially diamonds) it has long been the ‘hidden gem’ of African and somewhat overshadowed by its higher-profile neighbors, South Africa [...]

5 Thrilling Adventures in Namibia You Must Try

Namibia is renowned for its spectacular scenery and landmarks – soaring red dunes, endless rolling gravel plains, ossified trees seen against cobalt-blue skies and the rusting ribs of shipwrecks jutting out of the Skeleton Coast sands. Add in the [...]

Why Social Travel Planning Is The Key To Success

Some people enjoy cocktails or watch sports socially, but Jo Ann Baird plans travel socially. She's planned dozens of trips all over the world where friends, new and old, can meet and share adventures that create lifetime memories. As a [...]

Uncle Bob: A Most Memorable Dining Experience

A memorable bush dining experience to top off our guests’ stay at Ruckomechi Camp is always a date with Chef Bob Dzawanda, aka Uncle Bob… He will lay out his famous green carpet for sundowners which include delicious eats prepared [...]

Reliving The Ways Of An Ancient Culture

Kiddies in tow, we set off for the Kalahari. After my recent activity with the Bushmen at Kalahari Plains Camp, I knew I had to share this lifetime experience with my family. They say transferring knowledge is key to our [...]

Meet Douglas Muyambo – Hwange Safari Guide

Images and post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris. A particularly likeable character and safari guide based at Davison’s Camp, who has been with the company for some 22 years, is one Douglas Muyambo; or Dougie, aka Dhatso. Born in the [...]