Studying Desert Giants: The Elephants of Namibia

It must be incredibly satisfying to spend your days exploring wide tracts of untouched land… In the case of Laura Brown and Rob Ramey, this means exploring desert dunes in search of elephants in Namibia, specifically the Kunene region [...]

Africa’s Travel Trends for 2017

We know that the way that people travel is constantly changing; we see this in the places that we choose to travel to where a destination that was once ‘off the tourist map’ is now a hot and happening [...]

The Beauty of the Busanga Plains

It has been a year since I visited the Busanga Plains in Zambia and whilst the area is moderately drier than last year, the abundance and diversity of bird and mammal life seem to have increased since my last [...]

Segera: A Wildlife Conservation Success Story

Images and post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris. The clouds of dust thrown up by the thundering hooves of millions of zebra and wildebeest as they migrate in a perpetual loop between the Mara and the Serengeti tend to obscure [...]

Your Kenyan Safari Can Change Lives — An Itinerary With A Mission

When you visit Lewa Safari Camp, you contribute to helping thousands of people from different backgrounds and cultures improve their lives and give their children a future, while ensuring Africa's wildlife has a stable home. First, here's a little background on [...]